Commercial Security

iSpace Technologies Ltd. provides security surveillance solutions, automation, and monitoring solutions to commercial customers across Canada. iSpace Technologies make it easy for our commercial clients to monitor the factors that make their business efficient and productive. We can enable you to control your security system from your smart device.

Our Security professionals & technicians, operator and monitor CCTV systems, their provide access control, fire detection and intrusion detection and building management systems. We are partner with all major monitoring companies who inform you at every major or minor alarm and make sure you and your property is safe.

Alarm Systems & Monitoring

When it comes to commercial security iSpace Technologies only deals with the top leaders in commercial security solutions. iSpace Technologies Ltd. is partners with all major brands in commercial security industry, and we provide reliable and cost effective solutions. iSpace team will work on design and implementation of overall plan for your needs to protect your investment weather it be a single office or multiple locations within Canada, We can enable you with central control.

Security Camera Systems

iSpace Technologies Ltd. provides some of the top brands in the commercial security surveillance. Video Surveillance or CCTV (closed circuit television), represents the largest segment of Security technology. Video cameras are used to observe an area and connected to recording device or IP Network and monitored in a Control Room.
Video surveillance technologies are used for far more than their roots in crime detection, with video analytics solutions able to serve a variety of applications such as traffic and crowd control management.
Our target is to help businesses and enterprises identify risks and protect assets.

Card Access Control

In today`s world, Tracking and Monitoring day to day activities that occur within premises of a business is crucial. Our card access control systems allow business owners and commercial site manager to limit access of employees to certain areas of the premises.
Our system allows another level of security above Alarm and Cameras.